Compact Desiccant Air Dryer

Summits manufacture Innovative Compact Desiccant type Air Dryers with most advanced technology and reliability to ensure trouble free performance.



Air contains contaminants like solid (dust particles), liquid (moisture) and oil which contaminates the compressed air. When this contaminated compressed air is used for various applications, it may cause failures of pneumatic valves, instruments, etc which results in the downtime of whole system.


Summits Compact Desiccant type Heatless Air Dryers remove the moisture to a level of 80 ppm(w) by using pressure swing adsorption technology. The wet air enters into one desiccant tower and gets dried by the high performance desiccant adsorbent. The dry air passes through inbuilt filters and check valves to the utility. A portion of dry air (depending on the operating pressure and required dew point temperature) passes through an orifice into the other saturated tower at near atmospheric pressure, liberates the entrapped moisture in the desiccant to the atmosphere and regenerates it for the next drying cycle. A reliable electronic timer controls the cycle and valve operations effectively therby ensures continuous dry air output to the utility.


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Salient Features


• Proven trouble free valve design

• All aluminium rust free construction

• Compact and light weight

• Easy and flexible installation

• Simple maintenance

• Outlet air quality according to ISO 8573-1,Table 3,Class 2 & 3 



Operating Range


• Capacity:10 to 500 m3/hr

• Inlet air pressure 4 to 14 bar g

• Inlet air temperature: 10 to 60oC

• Pressure Dewpoint temperature -20 & -40oC






• Plant Air

• Painting process

• CNC Machines

• Hospitals

• Food & processing

• Textiles

• Leather Industry

• Automobile Industies


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Summits Hygronics is an ISO:9001-2008 company offers a complete range of products and solutions for Compressed air purification, Gas generation & purification.

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