PSA Medical Oxygen Generator

Oxygen is an important part of human life. Our atmosphere consists of 21% Oxygen. Even though normal human beings can survive with this atmosphere, critical patients require higher concentrated and pure Oxygen. The higher concentrated oxygen can be produced with few processes including cryogenic and pressure swing adsorption. PSA is a simple and economical process which can be adapted on site and concentrated Oxygen (as per World Health Organization (WHO) norms) can be produced as and when required without hazzles. PSA Oxygen Generator works on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption, which is being used to separate Oxygen from the Compressed air.


The major components of the system are a pair of Adsorbent vessels, Surge tank, Switching valves, Intelligent PLC, Oxygen analyzer, and instruments. The adsorbent vessels filled with Zeolite preferentially adsorbs Nitrogen and CO2 whereas
Oxygen is not adsorbed by Zeolite due to its larger molecular she and posses through the Adsorber to the surge tank. Based on the pressed time interval the online adsorber switches to generation mode and Adsorbed gas from Zeolite ore purged out to the atmosphere. During this operation Oxygen analyzer monitors the oxygen concentration and olio. Oxygen Gas to the storage tank. If oxygen concentration is He than the pm-set value PLC switches the vent voice and purging out the gas till it reaches the required pertly level.


Exclusive Features

  • Automatic Oxygen generation on demand

  • Highest Purity up to 96%

  • Online purity indication

  • Audio-visual alarms

  • Analog output for remote monitoring Mimic display for PSA functions

  • Few moving parts

  • Activated carbon tower and coalescing filters remove oil up to 0.01mg/m3

  • Automatic off spec vent system

  • Specially Coated Medical Grade Internals


  • Uninterrupted supply of Oxygen

  • Economical to produce

  • Low Mal cost

  • Significant saving over Liquid or bottled gas purchase

  • Integrated skid mounted with air treatment package

  • Safe and convenient over high-pressure cylinders

  • Eliminates production downtime

Adjustable Purity

All standard models have online oxygen analyzer and purity can be adjustable on the field when different purity required.

Alarms and Mimic display
An optional Mimic display panel and audiovisual alarm shall be supplied for better monitoring of the system functions.